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The Teen Sex By the Book website is an initiative of Anglican Youth and Education Division Diocese of Sydney (referred to hereafter as ‘Youthworks’, ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’).


All users of the Teen Sex By the Book site (the ‘Site’) must be 15 years of age or more or have parents’/guardian’s permission and be a leader of a church or other Christian youth related group (‘Church customer’) or a teacher or Chaplain employed by a school (‘School customer’) which has registered and purchased a log-in to the Site. By using the Site, you represent and warrant that you are 15 years of age or older or have the permission of the registered customer to use the Site.

Password and Account Information

All users will be asked to choose a password upon registration. You agree to maintain the confidentiality of this password and only log into the Site with your username and password. All Church customers are expected to maintain the confidentiality of their registration details, limiting its access and use to leaders and ministry staff directly involved in the presentation of the Site resources and media to youth group participants at the registered Church. All School customers are expected to maintain the confidentiality of their registration details, limiting its access and use to employees directly involved in the presentation of the Site resources and media to students at the registered School.

Non-Commercial Use

The Site is to be used for non-commercial purposes only. Users must not use this Site, or its contents, for any commercial endeavours. If a fee is charged to present any or all of the resources and media contained within the Site, this must not be for profit. Charging a fee to cover the cost of the provision of the accompanying book, Teen Sex By the Book, to participants or leaders is allowed.  

Downloading of Content

Users may download, for non-commercial instructional use, the session outlines and leaders’ notes or any other resource specifically designated on the Site as downloadable. Such downloading shall only be for the convenience of the Church customer or School customer, and as such may not (1) systematically download any of the Content, (2) create distribution ‘libraries’, or (3) transfer, sell, rent, display, or exhibit any of the Content to any third party.

Editing Content

Users may edit content designated on the Site as editable, solely in connection with classroom or other school-related projects. Such

content, as edited by Church or School customer, may not contain any libellous or unlawful materials or content or any commercial advertising materials, will not infringe upon any party’s proprietary rights, including but not limited to statutory or common-law copyright, trademark and right of privacy, and may not violate any law, regulation or right of any kind whatsoever or give rise to any actionable claim or liability.

Church or School customers must maintain all copyright, trademark and proprietary notices included with, attached to or embedded all editable content without modification, obstruction or deletion.

The Content may include certain ancillary educational materials, such as student activity sheets, black line masters and teachers’ guides (‘Ancillary Materials’). Church or School customer may modify, alter and revise the Ancillary Materials to meet specific instructional needs, provided that the following statement is prominently displayed on all such revised Ancillary Materials, in addition to any other proprietary notices, and with the understanding that Youthworks or its content provider shall continue to own the Ancillary Materials: ‘Revised with the permission of Youthworks. Youthworks and its content providers are not responsible for the content or accuracy of the revision’.

Dissemination of Content

In the course of using any Content as permitted hereunder, Church or School customers may not make the Content, or any part thereof, available to any party who is not a Church or School customer, except as permitted herein. Church or School customers must ensure that the Content is accessed only via the Teen Sex By the Book Site and where removed is at all times kept on a secure server, viewable only by Church or School customers. If a Church or School customer wishes to use a third party to host the Content, Youthworks must approve the use of such host in advance and in writing, and Youthworks shall have the right to approve the terms of agreement between such host and Church or School customer.

Prohibited Uses

Except as expressly set forth herein, the Church or School customers may not  (i) copy, reproduce, alter, modify, transmit, perform, create derivative works of, publish, sub-license, distribute, or circulate the Site, the Content, or any portion thereof; (ii) disassemble, decompile, or reverse engineer the Site or any portion thereof, or use a robot, spider, or any similar device to copy or catalogue the Content or any portion thereof; (iii) take any actions, whether intentional or unintentional, that may circumvent, disable, damage or impair the Site’s or the Content’s control or security systems, nor allow or assist a third party to do so; or (iv) use the Content in a manner that disparages the Site, the Content or Youthworks or its content providers, or in any manner that Youthworks may, in its sole discretion, deem inappropriate.

Church or School customers acknowledge and agree that the Site and the Content possess a special, unique and extraordinary character that makes difficult the assessment of the monetary damages that would be sustained as a result of unauthorised use, and that unauthorised use may cause immediate and irreparable damage to Youthworks for which Youthworks would not have an adequate remedy at law. Therefore, Church or School customers agree that, in the event of such unauthorised use, in addition to such other legal and equitable rights and remedies as may be available to Youthworks, Youthworks shall be entitled to injunctive and other equitable relief without the necessity of proving damages or furnishing a bond or other security.


Youthworks will not be responsible for the accuracy, reliability or legality of any content posted on this Site. Youthworks may, in its sole discretion, make changes to the Site and/or the Content: including but not limited to adding and/or removing video titles or other Content; adding closed-captioning, and implementing new encoding rates.

Release and Indemnity

You agree to release and indemnify Youthworks, its employees and agents from and against any claim arising from or in relation to your use of the Site, including but not limited to any liability or expense arising from any claims, liabilities, losses, damages, judgments, litigation costs of every kind and nature, except insofar as any such liability or expense is caused by the negligence or fraud of Youthworks, its employees or agents.


If you, as the registered customer of the Site, have any questions or concerns about the content or the operation of the Site, contact:

Executive Director of Media
Fervr Project c/- Anglican Youthworks
P.O Box A287
Sydney South NSW 1235

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